Monday, May 24, 2010

Clear stamp...pouch sling??

Ari ni br start pose lak..penat gak dh tinggal, keje tk jln mane la..lps abis wat kuiz bdk2 tu..terus browse net survey2 clear block + clear stamp..lame dh dok cari..akhirnye jmp la kt Crafty Heart..ngan harga yg ok la.. :) tp benda yg nk tkde dlm list..nasib owner dia sanggup carikn..hehe..nnt leh la start projek 1.. :p

antara clear stamp yg ada :)

Projek 2 lak berkait ngan pouch sling..hehe..yg ni pun dh lame survey2..igt nk cari yg dh siap --> tk larat nk dukung nasyua time shopping.. :) browse nyer browse..rupenye senang je kalo nk wat msk la dlm list projek dlm proses survey kain yg sesuai..yg kiut miut gitu.. :p (penah try ngan kain batik..selit2 + ikat2..jd gak pouch.. :))

Step2 nk wat pouch sling:
(source : Thanks!

Cut your fabric lengthwise to about 22". You should now have a 2 yard by 22" piece of fabric.

Fold fabric in half lengthwise, then fold up so that all four open corners are to the right.

Measure the top edge of the sling. This should be 1/2" longer than your shoulder to hip measurement. Mark that (in my case, 25") on the upper right edge of the folded fabric. Now, measure the bottom edge. The measurement for this should be the top edge measurement + 3 (in my case 28"). Now, cut a half smile from the bottom mark to the top mark.

Unfold fabric widthwise and sew the two ends together along the curve that you just cut.

Now, turn the pouch inside out. You will now encase the seam that you just made. Be sure that all of the excess fabric from your seam on the other side is encased in your new seam.
Next, sew the encased sling down. Voila, you have made your first french seam.

Now that your french seam is done, you will sew the raw top and bottom edges of the sling. Simply make a 1/4" hem on each side, being careful when you get to the part where your french seam is, you may have to adjust your machine for the thickness of the three layers of fabric there.

And that's it! You should now have a beautiful new baby sling.

The pocket: If you are not an expert seamstress, I would recommend staying away from the bias tape that we use to line our pockets. It is sometimes difficult to work with. Instead, you can simply cut a square whatever size you want your pocket to be, hem the sides, and then sew it on. We put ours on over the french seam so that the pocket is right in the middle of the sling.

InsyaAllah, dlm mase terdekat..siap! (leh caye ke? :p)


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